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Sustainable Tourism and the Environment
We consider our natural environment to be nature’s most precious gift, the well being of the environment around us is a true reflection upon ourselves, how we behave and how we react to the ever-changing world. It’s hard to ignore the stunning natural beauty surrounding us. It has inspired us to look deeper into our selves and act to preserve its magical allure for generations to come. From the very beginning, we have been striving to implement eco friendly tourism practices, not just at our resort but in the communities around us as well. We have established our own NGO; NETIF (Nepal Environment and Tourism Initiative) which works in conjunction with many local groups to support community based projects that benefit our local area.

Please visit our NETIF web site: www.netif-nepal.org
Our various projects include:
  • Periodical environment clean up programs and establishment of trekking routes from Sundari Jal to Nagarkot and Dhulikhel and the placements of rubbish bins in Dhulikhel Town. The project involves local people, introducing them to tourism and training them about being environmentally responsible.
  • Plant regeneratio.
  • Establishment of solar power for heating the water at the Resort.
  • The establishment of an organic farm house to cater to the Resorts kitchen. By producing local and organic products, we eliminate the need for transport and packaging. (Project currently under construction)
  • Recycling of organic matter such as kitchen waste, roof thatching and animal manure to be used in our organic farm.
We also work in conjunction with organizations like MAST Nepal (Marketing Assistance to Nepal for Sustainable Tourism Products) and UNEP (United Nations Environment Program) to promote environmentally sustainable tourism throughout Nepal.

Our Community Spirit
The preservation of our own native culture and educating visitors about it is one of the main passions of the management at Dhulikhel Mountain Resort. In keeping with our ethnic theme we have made a huge commitment to support the community surrounding us, to educate the locals about responsible and sustainable tourism and help them achieve a financially stable future by integrating them into the tourism industry and utilizing their skills to benefit and enhance our Resort. Not only does this benefit both the Resort and the Community, but it also showcases to you, the visitor the unique culture and welcoming nature of the many varied ethnic groups of Nepal.

Promoting equitable distribution of tourism revenue – A Dhulikhel Mountain Resort and MAST Nepal initiative

Working in conjunction with the United Nations Environment Project (UNEP), The Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) and the Netherlands Development Organization (SNV), we have made a commitment to pro-poor tourism.

Without proper management and education, some sectors of the tourism industry can have a negative economic impact on local communities. Not so long ago it was reported that a staggering 60% of revenue generated from tourism in Nepal goes overseas to import products for tourism.

A challenge that faces us is to keep revenue from tourism in Nepal, a developing country itself and to ensure that some of that money filters through to the local communities touched by tourism who fall outside of the direct tourist industry.

Slowly we are encouraging things like local product use and developing of local industries to support tourism by utilizing local resources but not in anyway depleting them. Little things such as employing local guides, porters and workers, encouraging local farmers to grow food stuffs to support surrounding hotels, resort and teahouses and promoting local  handy crafts products goes along away to boosting the local economy, creating employment and easing poverty.

What we do to help our local Community:
  • We developed a special cultural program which trained local people in all elements of cultural dance, costume and music. The group is now registered as their own business and performing at many resorts and hotels around the area. All the costumes, equipment and training where donated by us. The Troupe performs regularly at the resort to display cultural dances to our guests.
  • Employ local people, 90% of our staff come from the villages surrounding the Resort creating a much needed income supplement.
  • We use local products, produce and services wherever possible. Recently we refurbished some of our bungalows by employing local artisans to carve furniture in the traditional style.
  • A major community project is our funding to renovate two schools in the region. We donated 1.2 million rupees to reconstruct the seriously dilapidated structure. Today we work in conjunction with local and international Rotary Clubs to maintain ongoing funding to the schools.
We have been much honored to receive a special award certificate presented to the Resort to recognize our role in supporting the local schools and our approach to environmentally sustainable tourism.
At Dhulikhel Mountain Resort, we pride ourselves on our commitment to ensure that your tourist dollar stays here in our community, benefiting everyone.

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